The Gardens

Three gardens set off the fine building. The first garden is in front of the main façade, dominated by camellia 6 metres high. Roses, blue hydrangeas, rhododendrons, agaves and topiary all add their particular beauty. All of a sudden your attention will be drawn to the sound of water… a cooling fountain from the mouth of a lion, bringing harmony to the plants.Before the entrance there is a fine stone staircase topped with Medici vases and majestic lions, providing a frame for the big door waiting to welcome you.

There is a second, smaller garden outside the conservatory, with more fine specimens and a picturesque setting of roses. Two stone lion heads watch over you as you enjoy breakfast in the conservatory.

Moving upwards, you will find the hanging garden, yet another place where you can relax, with a view over the second garden and a fine house from the 15th and 16th century. Here there are lavenders, hydrangeas, wisteria, holly, and agapanthus to give you a sense of completeness.

NB : The gardens change with the seasons and flowering times.

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